Can I share my heart for a sec?

I'm trying to figure this thing called "Life" out. First and foremost I am truly blessed with an amazing husband, easy going son and a very successful business... BUT haven't been able to mange it in the right order...😞 

I confess, I have put my business before ANYTHING & EVERYBODY... Yes I am at the peak of my career, but I must ask myself, if it's worth being in the worst health of my life, not mentally & emotionally being there for my son & husband, & putting my relationship with the Lord on the back burner... ? NO! And it's no ones fault but my own. 

My hearts desire is to give 110% to all that is listed above... But How? 😩 How does one balance it all?  (yes I'll take any advice at this point) I hate bothering others with my issues, so 99% of the time I just don't. And yes I know that's a problem too. 

Recently I asked a very successful business owner how she balanced home life and her business!?! She gave me very good advice & today I got to do some of what she suggested.

Never in a million years would I have ever thought I'd come to this point in my life (turning away new clients) but as hard as it is, I'm grateful. It's crazy working non-stop & looking at my phone at the end of the day to see what I must return when I get a chance to sit down. She said: "Sometimes you have to come in early or stay late to return all the messages that's added up throughout the day so you can give undivided attention to the family."  It's all hard work and pray for Gods grace each day when I don't give my best to whomever I come in contact with, because it's my heart to do so. Please forgive me if you are a person I haven't been able to give 110% . I promise I am working on doing better.

Just thought I'd share what consumes my mind daily.... Thank you for listening, your encouragement and support with this thing called LIFE!

Love you all!😘✌🏽️